10 Best Beach Holidays in Europe – Summer Destinations

10 Best Beach Holidays in Europe – Summer Destinations


Although it is a relatively tiny continent Europe offers some amazing coastlines you’ll be amazed by diverse beaches and landscapes it can be difficult to choose just a few sites to visit on this continent so the Following.


list contains some of the best beach destinations for your next Europe vacation. 10 Best Beach Holidays in Europe



1. Villa Simus

The island of Sardinia is, without doubt, one of Europe’s top vacation spots for witches there are numerous outstanding beaches located throughout the island and many of them are close to villages or resort areas Villasimius is a peaceful village of no more than 2 000 inhabitants in the winter months


That grows to more than 30 000 during the big summer months is one of the nicest and most easily accessible places in southern Sardinia punta moments is a beautiful beach that is located further from the village no more than 500 people are permitted to visit this heavily protected beach each day so get there by 7 30 am to warranty your spot


2. Majorca

Look no further than Majorca which has some of the most stunning white sandy beaches you will ever see for the greatest beach destinations in Europe Mallorca is a well-liked summer vacation spot but because of its Mediterranean temperature, you may also go swimming there in the off-season.


The best time to visit if you like to escape the busy season is in the spring when the island is much less crowded a strong beach with its fine white saint and as waves are perhaps one of Majorca’s most stunning beaches it’s advisable to arrive early because the beach tends to get fairly crowded during the day.


3. Lagos

This small town in the Albergue region wants a wonderful summer getaway with great weather sandy beaches clear waters stunning judge harbors a charming historic center with a variety of cafes and restaurants and a wide range of lodging options for the best views of the coastline you can follow the hiking trail down the coast there are many viewing spots where you can get breathtaking views of the water beaches and coastline in Lagos the summer months are the busiest august is Lagos busiest travel month with 10 of thousands of domestic and international visitors.


4. Crete

Those seeking beaches and frankly will find created to be the ideal vacation destination there are countless stunning sandy beaches there and the most exclusive blue waters surrounding come here to sock and enjoy the landscape in its entirety but if you want to venture out and explore the island there are lots of other things to do explore the magnificent archaeological ruins at mozos one of the oldest settlements in Europe for families single travelers and couples frit has some fantastic resorts one such place is paradise island villas which offers a true home away from home with tons of luxurious features


5. Polignano Amer

If you are seeking a destination that is different from the others piano Amer is among the top seascapes in the world the stunning seaside town in Puglia an area in the far southeast of Italy at the hill of the boot is well known by the locals there but less so abroad photographs of the stunning cliffs that surround lama mo nashi fewer people beach have captivated tourists and artists you can go to polygyny just for its wonderful beach or walk around the alleys among these beautiful houses polygon is an incredible destination often overshadowed by more popular ones once you visit you’ll be hooked and want to come back every year


6. Alicante

This place is without a doubt at the top of the list of popular beach vacation spots in Europe travelers from all over the world visit the coastal city of Costa Blanca to spend their summers the stunning beaches of Alicante are undoubtedly one of the highlights you can anticipate gorgeous views including stepped cliffs and brim beaches throughout a visit because the entire coast is more than spectacular not just the beaches though are breathtaking and cold for a summer holiday the several charming coastal towns are also worth seeing particularly Alicante town with its magnificent castle and vibrant old town


7. Rovings

This destination in Croatia is unquestionably one of the prettiest seaside towns in Europe on a vacation you might anticipate a great historic old town with lots of picturesque locations for shooting the numerous breathtaking bays and beaches in roving are another feature that adds to the area’s appeal as a summer vacation destination they are a little beyond the city and filled with stunning natural sanity and amazing watercolors perfect if you want to unwind for a few days while still going on excursions and sightseeing as one of Croatia’s most stunning old towns this interesting coastal village amazes visitors


8. Olyudenis

One of the turkey’s most scenic locations is olutenis beach commonly known as the blue lagoon it is a stunning white bay there is no overdevelopment taking place here because the bay and the surrounding forest are both protected natural areas you will be surprised to see that the beach offers restrooms showers and several jobs if you were wondering if it had some basic amenities the lagoon’s great clarity makes a rudeness beach a top spot for snorkeling and scuba diving the pinnacle of mount babadak which picks up ideal wind conditions for a glide of a lifetime is another reason why paragliders adore this location


9. Split

Located in Croatia split is a quaint beach town that was constructed inside the Diocletian palace it is a singular location that is a mass sea because of the Adriatic the creation riviera cobblestone alleys medieval town center is a 1700-year-old palace and beaches split is surrounded by gorgeous beaches sand and the sea making it the ideal starting point for exploring Adriatic islands like groggy ashlar and corolla every neighborhood in a split has a beach so you can easily walk from one coastal experience to the next take a local ferry to any nearby inhabited islands for a more genuine experience and get a feel for a daily life day


10. Big

The most well-known black volcanic sand beach in the world is undoubtedly the big beach it is adjacent to a tiny settlement of big and cycled by unusually watered black rocks due to its choppy waters big beach is not the ideal choice if you want to go swimming however is very sweet for individuals who want to photograph this epic landscape or look for wildlife including birds and marine mammals due to its bizarre geologic characteristics such as sharp sea stacks and clusters and basalt formations this is one of the must-see locations while visiting Iceland


As you notice from the Article some of these beaches are perfect for families with a variety of activities for energetic kids and parents while others have stunning clips and an isolated base for people who want to escape the tourist crowds.


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