10 Amazing Places to Visit in Germany in 2022

10 Amazing Places to Visit in Germany in 2022


It’s important to understand which places will be most exciting and fun to visit. 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Germany 2022


With many amazing cities, countries, landmarks, and natural wonders,


You’ll want to visit them all!


1) Berlin


The German capital is one of Europe’s biggest cities,


which makes it a good option for thrill-seekers.


Take a ride on Berlin’s TV Tower for a bird’s-eye view over all of Berlin.


For something more cultural, you can visit The Pergamon Museum—


Home to ancient art from all over the world—


Or check out The Brandenburg Gate, one of Berlin’s most popular landmarks.



2) Hamburg


This port city is one of Europe’s busiest ports and a major trade hub.


Features many stunning architectural sights.


From its colorful flower market to its stunning skyline,


There are endless things to do in Hamburg.


And did we mention it has some of Europe’s best museums? You won’t be bored here!


3) Munich


The city’s main attraction is its English Garden,


An expansive public park and recreation area.


The Bavarian history and artifacts from as far back as Roman times.


4) Cologne


Is one of Europe’s most romantic destinations.


Its medieval old town is filled with priceless landmarks and must-see attractions,


Nowhere else in Germany will you find such a friendly atmosphere as you will here—


Which makes Cologne one of my favorite places in all of Germany!


5) Regensburg


This small German city is one of Europe’s oldest settlements.


To truly appreciate Regensburg, visitors should visit Stadtamhof,


A historic area built around an old town hall and courthouse.


One of its most iconic structures is the Tanners Bridge


A wooden footbridge that connects two parts of town



6) Rugen Island


Rugen Island, Is a small island that belongs to Schleswig-Holstein,


Located between Usedom and Rügen. A large number of castles are found on Rugen Island;


Just seven of them form its UNESCO World Heritage Site.


These include the castle Granitz,


7) Lake Constance


Lake Constance is one of three major lakes on German territory,


Located at its farthest northwestern corner. This lake—the third-largest in Europe—is more commonly known as Der Bodensee.


Lake Constance lies on a fault line, making it susceptible to earthquakes,


you can expect that parts of Switzerland


Some buildings have been damaged by


These shocks for hundreds of years after their occurrence!


8) Museum Island


Located at Berlin’s core, Museum Island is a must – see for history buffs and culture enthusiasts alike.


With its myriad of galleries, exhibition halls, and


Museums—including some of Germany’s most famous museums like Altes Museum (Old Museum),


Neues Museum (New Museum), and Pergamonmuseum—


9) The Rhine


Today, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of Europe’s most-visited rivers.


As you cruise along these majestic waters, stop at Bonn—


the birthplace of Beethoven and Goethe, respectively—


Whose Gothic cathedral boasts spectacular stained glass windows by artist Gerhard Richter.



10) Marienplatz


Marienplatz is Munich’s answer to New York City’s Times Square.


This huge square is located at one end of Munich’s Altstadt, or Old Town.


The square was made famous


it was used as a set for The Sound of Music.


A bust of Hitler now rests outside Burger King on Marienplatz


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