10 Reasons You Should Visit Thailand’s Songkran Festival

10 Reasons You Should Visit Thailand’s Songkran Festival


Thailand is famous for its beautiful beaches, mouthwatering food, and welcoming people. The country is also home to over 67 unique ethnic groups and lengthy history. And just like any other country. 10 Reasons You Should Visit Thailand’s Songkran Festival


Thailand has its own unique traditions and celebrations. One of the most famous is Songkran, or the Thai New Year festival. This annual celebration marks the return of the Thai lunar calendar, and it falls on the 13th of April each year.


Songkran is a major festival in Thailand and it’s also known as Songkran Water Festival. This year, the Thai New Year will fall on April 13th.


If you’re looking to explore new cultures and celebrate a traditional Thai holiday. Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Thailand’s Songkran festival.


The colorful celebrations


The celebratory events of Songkran are full of color. The Water Festival is a time when people splash water on each other in celebration.


The tradition of the Thai New Year is to pour water onto anyone you meet. As a way of washing away your sins and creating new, clean beginnings.


This can lead to some pretty funny moments, too! One of the most famous ceremonies that take place during the festival is a parade. where young children throw water at each other, but it’s all in good fun.


Thirsty festival

Songkran is a celebration of the Thai New Year, which falls on April 13th each year. One of the most iconic aspects of Songkran is water throwing or Krathong.


Krathongs are paper lanterns that are set afloat in a river or at the local temple as a sign of respect to Buddha. Thai people believe that this symbolizes “washing away”.


Their sins from the past year and starting anew. To get rid of their sins, people will also use water to pour over statues and monuments.



Another popular tradition during Songkran is called the Songkran dance, or Tuk-tuk dance. This dance involves two dancers who stand on one side of a tuk-tuk (small pickup truck). and play music with drums, cymbals, and gongs for about 10 minutes. It’s traditionally done in front of Buddhist shrines to bring good fortune for the coming New Year.


The famous water fight

The most popular part of the Thai New Year festival is the water fight. It’s a tradition for people to pour buckets of cold water on one another to symbolize. The washing away bad luck and welcoming good luck.


It all starts with someone pouring a bucket of water over their friends, family, or themselves. Then, it’s time to pour every other person they can find with a bucket of cold water.


You might think this sounds like fun and games. But there are strict rules that need to be followed. when you participate in this event. You have to use clean water so your aim is true and you don’t waste any resources.


And you have to make sure that the other person is not under five years old, or pregnant. Or wearing white clothing because these individuals are considered taboo. When it comes to being soaked in cold water.


Another fun aspect of Songkran is seeing people playfully drenching each other. with buckets of cold water as they walk down the street.


In Thailand, you will see clotheslines full of drying laundry. which is left outside overnight so that people can soak them with buckets of (cold) water. in the morning and take them down before the day’s heat sets in.


The non-stop partying

It sounds like a cliché, but one of the biggest reasons for visiting Thailand. Songkran festival is non-stop partying. Expect to see water-soaked revelers dancing in the streets. Chugging down gallons of water. People will often wear traditional attire or dress up in costumes. Some even go so far as to dress up as kings and queens.


The top 10 best Songkran activities

1. Let the water fly – Songkran is all about water, so let the water fly! Participants throw cups of water at friends and strangers alike. It’s a time to celebrate and have fun, so don’t be afraid to playfully splash your friends or even strangers.


2. Wai Kru – If you show up as a stranger during Songkran. it won’t be long before someone will greet you with a “wai krui” -a traditional. Thai greeting that involves pressing. one’s palms together in a praying gesture and then bowing forward.


3. Learn about Thai culture


4. Shop for local goods


5. Eat delicious food


6. Hang out at the beach while you dry off


7. Explore Thailand from north to south


8. Watch elephants bathe in the river


9. Swim with dolphins near Khao Lak


10. Mingle with Buddhist Monks



Thailand’s Songkran Festival is colorful. and an exciting event that takes place every year in April. The festivities start with a series of traditional ceremonies. followed by a long period of water fights.


The ten best reasons to visit this festival include the colorful celebrations. The thirst-quenching festival, the famous water fight, the non-stop partying.


The top 10 best Songkran activities. If you are looking for a festival that is colorful and exciting, then this might be for you.


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