15 Best Cakes In The World

15 Best Cakes In The World



There is nothing better than a good cake. It’s sweet, it’s delicious, and it can make you feel all sorts of the warm and fuzzy inside. But some cakes are better than others—and I’m not talking about the kind where you have to fork over your life savings for a slice at a fancy bakery or café.


No, these are 15-layer cakes made from scratch using some of the most basic ingredients found in any kitchen. They’re perfect for birthdays or any other special occasion (like when you’re just feeling like yourself). So go ahead and get baking!


15 Best Cakes In The World


Opera Cake


Opera cake is one of the most famous cakes in the world. It’s made with a base layer of butter and sugar, then topped with two layers of almond sponge cake topped with chocolate ganache. The final touch is covered with a thin layer of chocolate glaze and decorated with almonds or sprinkles!


Hummingbird cake

Hummingbird cake is a popular dessert in the southern United States. It’s made with layers of sweetened coconut and banana, then frosted with cream cheese icing. In its simplest form, hummingbird cake is a variation of classic banana pudding (which itself can be made with cream cheese frosting).

The name “hummingbird” comes from the fact that it has two distinct ingredients which look like they were created by nature herself: bananas and coconut milk!



Croquembouches are a French pastry that’s made from crispy choux pastry balls stacked into a cone shape, filled with whipped cream, and decorated with spun sugar. They’re usually eaten as a dessert, but you can also make them for your wedding cake or party.

The name means “crunch in the mouth,” which makes sense because the custard-like filling inside each croquembouche is so rich and dense it’ll have you feeling like someone just bit into an oversized donut! If you want to get fancy, try hollowing out some of your croquembouches before filling them with fruit (especially if they’re going to be used as dessert).

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Welsh Cakes


Welsh cakes are traditional Welsh cake that is made with flour, butter, and sugar. They can be baked in a waffle iron or other similar device.

The Welsh cake is also known as bara law (in Wales) or bara leech (in Scotland).


Apple Cake

Apple cake is one of the most popular cakes. The main ingredients are apples, apples, and more apples! The taste of this dish is very sweet and tasty. You can serve it with tea or coffee in the evening because this dessert will make you feel warm inside.

Apple cake is made from apples that have been cooked especially: they are baked for several hours until they become soft and juicy like a sponge cake (but not so dense). Then you remove all their seeds and core them with a sharp knife before adding some flour, and sugar syrup for sweetness to balance out all flavors together into one perfect dish that tastes great even if you don’t like cooking – just place some slices under hot running water for 20 minutes then enjoy your treat!


Pastel Tres Leches


Pastel tres leches is a Mexican dessert that’s made with a yellow cake soaked in three types of milk—condensed, evaporated, and regular. It’s typically served on top of whipped cream, but you can also eat it on its own if you’d like.

The name “tres leches” means “three bowls of milk,” so it’s no surprise that this cake has become very popular in Mexico. There are many different versions of this dish throughout Latin America, including one where the sponge cake is soaked in condensed milk (instead of just one type), which gives it an extra creamy texture.


Pineapple Upsidedown Cake


Pineapple upside-down cake is a dessert consisting of a pineapple ring topped with a lump of brown sugar and butter sauce and surrounded by a cake batter baked until the butter caramelizes, forming a crispy crust.

The name “pineapple upside-down cake” originated in Hawaii where pineapples are rare enough to be considered exotic. The recipe was invented by Chef Walter Tsoi at San Francisco’s Palace Hotel in 1943 when he was searching for something new to serve guests during World War II who had limited food supplies.

He came across some canned pineapple rings sitting on his kitchen counter — they were there because he’d been using them as garnish before realizing that they tasted delicious! After testing out several variations of this basic recipe (including one without any fruit), it became clear that this combination worked best when served with whipped cream or ice cream (or both).


Chocolate Carpaccio


Chocolate carpaccio is a chocolate mousse cake that is served in a glass. It’s made with fresh fruit, gelatin, and cream. The cake has a rich texture and intense taste of dark chocolate that makes it perfect for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. In addition to its exquisite taste, this dessert can also be eaten as an appetizer before dinner or during the meal itself if you want something healthy yet delicious!


Banoffee Pie


Banoffee pie is a popular dessert in the UK and Ireland. It’s made from layers of shortcrust pastry, caramel, and banana. It’s usually served with whipped cream on top or used to make ice cream sandwiches.

Banoffee pie was first created by chef Ken Rose at the Lake District resort town of Bannockburn when he made his favorite dessert for tourists who were staying there each summer season — banoffee cheesecake! The name comes from the town’s location on Banff Drive (a geographical feature), which leads directly into Lake Morar in Aberdeenshire, Scotland—where banoffee cheesecake was invented!


Strawberry Short Cake


Strawberry shortcake is a dessert consisting of a biscuit base topped with strawberries, whipped cream, and sugar. It was invented in the 1880s by Mrs. Mary Randolph who created it for her daughter’s birthday party at her home in Charlottesville, Virginia. The cake was then brought to New York City where it became extremely popular.

It is now commonly served on birthdays in the United States but also as an accompaniment to other desserts such as ice cream or chocolate pudding (which are usually shared between two people).



Sachertorte is a chocolate cake with apricot jam filling, dark chocolate icing, and a thin chocolate coating. It is named after its creator, Franz Sacher, who worked at the famous Hotel Sacher in Vienna.


The Sachertorte was created as early as 1771 by Franz Anton Hirschvogel when he joined the service of Count von Waldstein. In 1806 he opened his bakery in Vienna where he baked cakes for nobility and celebrities like Franz I (Emperor).

German Chocolate Cake


German chocolate cake is a traditional American dessert that’s named after the German chocolate bar. It’s a moist chocolate cake with a coconut pecan frosting, often decorated with pecans and coconut.

The cake was invented in Baltimore by James Van Zandt, a baker at Rieger’s Bakery during World War II who wanted to create something special for his wife on their first anniversary (they were married just after they finished college). He began experimenting with recipes until he found one that worked well as an easy-to-make treat for children before dinner time. The popularity of this recipe grew quickly; by 1950 it was being sold at grocery stores across America!


Victoria sandwich Cake


If you’re looking for a cake that’s both delicious and impressive, then look no further than the Victoria sandwich cake. This treat was named after Queen Victoria, who had a fondness for it when she was growing up in England. The original version of this dessert is made with sponge cake (which means it’s light), jam, and whipped cream.

The best part about this particular dessert? It can be customized to fit your tastes—just add more or less of any ingredient!


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Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is a famous French dessert that was created in the 19th century. It’s made with apples, which are caramelized on the bottom of your hot pan before being flipped over and served warm with vanilla ice cream. This dessert is great for entertaining because it can be made ahead of time and then served when ready.

The name “Tarte Tatin” comes from its resemblance to a tart – but it has more in common with tarts than you might think!


You Are What You Eat.

You are what you eat. This is a simple fact that we all know, but often forget when we’re faced with the choice of whether or not to buy a cake at a bakery or grocery store.

When it comes down to it, your health is more important than any other factor in life and should be considered first before making any decisions about food (and sometimes even after). The best way to ensure that your diet is balanced and nutritious is by eating a variety of foods from local sources—this means eating fresh fruits and vegetables from either your garden or local farms instead of processed products like confectionary-like cakes made from flour ground up with other ingredients such as wheat flour instead!



So there they are the world’s best cakes. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list as much as we did making it.

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