15 Best Pedestal Sinks For Small Bathrooms

15 Best Pedestal Sinks For Small Bathrooms


If you’re looking for a stylish and functional vanity sink that won’t take up a lot of space, then you should definitely check out pedestal sinks. They’re perfect for small bathrooms, and they come in a variety of styles and colors that will suit any décor.


Plus, they’re easy to install, so you won’t have to spend hours trying to get them installed correctly. Here are the 15 best pedestal sinks for small bathrooms.


Platform sinks fit a significant specialty in washroom plans – and the choices are currently more different and energizing than any other time. On the advanced side, imaginative fashioners are making emotional platform sinks, their sculptural structures loaning huge visual effects even in the most sumptuous washroom.


In this article, we’ve accumulated a rundown of unmistakable platform sinks for each style.


1. Contemporary Pedestal Sink

Contemporary Pedestal Sink High-sparkle sinks with moderate lines are particularly simple to clean, renouncing any secret spaces that could hold onto ordinary grime. This model flaunts a profound bowl for all the usefulness a conventional platform sink would give.


2. Platform Sink and Medicine Cabinet

Here is another smooth white platform sink, this time with a more tightened body and conservative
impression. For enormous styles inside a more modest space, this completely acrylic configuration offers the best-case scenario. This model incorporates a similarly moderate medication bureau reflect for simple coordination.


3. Moderate White Pedestal Sink

This modest platform sink offers a sleeker profile to suit more modest spaces. The bowl profundity estimates 5″, a useful center ground. Level space behind the bowl leaves space for cleanser, limited by an unpretentious lip to fight stray water beads.


4. Kohler Archer Pedestal Sink

This exquisite Archer model possesses a to some degree more modest impression. The lines are refined in a cutting-edge style, with unpretentious exemplary subtleties guaranteeing adaptable appeal. Look over a scope of completions – a range that reaches from dazzling white to warm sand to striking smooth dark.


5. Classic Pedestal Sink

This little platform sink is unobtrusively scalloped all over and made to seem to be a rich shell. This piece would be ideally suited for washrooms with a nautical stylistic layout or a striking craftsmanship deco topic.


6. Minuscule Pedestal Sink

Minimized sinks haven’t been forgotten by pioneer trailblazers. This piece includes a tightened constant body that cuts a particularly emotional profile. A raised backsplash segment safeguards the wall while an inconspicuous lip gives a resting spot to a little cleanser.


7. Present-day Acrylic Pedestal Sink

Sculptural and emotional – this platform sink makes certain to catch consideration, immediately making any restroom look more present-day. The body is developed from tough acrylic with a smooth simple clean completion, exceptional and formed into a shape that looks like a voluptuous number


8. Round Unique Pedestal Sink

Imaginatively tightened and got done with a hilter kilter top, this remarkable platform sink catches consideration with its interesting outline. This is a totally unsupported plan – the fixture should be mounted from the wall, an on-pattern search for present-day restrooms.


9. Current Minimalist Square Pedestal Sink

This stone gum sink keeps a clear outline, the corners adjusted for a delicate style. This model doesn’t accompany pre-bored spigot openings, permitting you the opportunity to have your buy changed to fit your preferred fixture.


10. Current Powder Room Pedestal Sink

Straightforward and modern, this attractive sink is an ideal decision for powder rooms that have a pointedly custom-made tasteful. This posting is only for the vessel segment total with the matching Veil platform to finish the look as envisioned.


11. Unattached Pedestal Sink with Storage

This plan coordinates capacity inside the platform body. The entryway slides open to uncover an extensive cabinet, making it more straightforward to get to a great many things without the need to dig through a pressed bureau.


12. Unsupported Pedestal Sink With Storage

For a cutting-edge way to deal with the multifunctional platform sink, this plan makes certain to please you. Open cubbies leave a lot of room for go-to fundamentals. A towel rack as an afterthought further smoothes out the experience. Browse polished or matte white completions.


13. Extravagance Rustic Pedestal Sink 

Extravagance Rustic Pedestal Sink with Iron Base Decorative iron gives this platform sink a natural farmhouse vibe, while the marble bowl and vanity loan a calm feeling of extravagance.


14. Round White Pedestal Sink

Round White Pedestal Sink Streamlined current styling has wonderfully re-imagined the unassuming platform sink. This moderate plan is smooth and smoothed out, completed in shiny all over to make a brilliant initial feeling.


15. Present-day Pedestal Vessel Sink

A special methodology – this plan consolidates the complex current look of a vessel sink with the comfort of a platform. The body even incorporates a convenient towel rack to keep your restroom looking coordinated.


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