5 DIY Mother’s Day Cards 2022

5 DIY Mother’s Day Cards 2022


Are you looking for a Unique way to show your mother how much you care this Mother’s Day? Why not make her a handmade card? a wide selection of beautiful and simple cards. 5 DIY Mother’s Day Cards 2022


That you can customize to your mother’s specifications. Whether you want to write a heartfelt message or


Simply say thanks, cards-online.com has the perfect card for your mother!



Paper Flowers Card


Today you are going to create a card with paper flowers.

You will start by making a circle,

which you can then divide into four parts. First,

draw two lines horizontally to split your circle into two equal parts.

Now, draw one line vertically to split it into two equal parts again. Divide your top half-circle from your bottom half-circle.

If you would like to make your flowers more voluminous, feel free to make them wider than they are tall!


Floral Accordion Card


This card is inspired by floral centerpieces and their shapely, interwoven lines.

On a light-colored background,

Punch a large hole just above where you want your accordion to start.

Using your favorite color cardstock,

Draw vertical lines that crisscross each other like an accordion. Thread them into a hole punch and

Then punch them out of colorful patterned paper or craft paper and arrange as desired.

This is an easy way to make a thoughtful mom card!


Floral Bouquet Card


Making a floral bouquet card is one of my favorite projects to do with my kids

Because it involves flowers and they love being involved. Such a sweet & personal gift.

Plus you get to sit outside for 20 minutes or so! To make a floral bouquet card,

Start by choosing your blooms (I like to use all different colors). You can use anything that has flat stems: roses, dahlias, carnations…

The possibilities are endless! Then pick out some nice thick paper.

The thickness of your paper will depend on how big you want your finished product to be—I like an 8×10 size.


Koala Mother’s Day Card


When it comes to cute, few animals can compete with koalas. For your mother,

A handmade card showing an adorable koala will help show how much you care.

This project uses a clever design that requires no cutting or gluing to construct and

Only basic painting skills are needed for execution. The final product is not only a touching keepsake

That she’ll enjoy it but also makes an excellent Mother’s Day gift.


Sunday Mother’s Day Card


Need a quick and easy handmade card? You could easily just print off a card from the internet or pick one up at a craft store,

But there’s something extra special about cards that you create yourself.

For example, homemade cards allow you to show your mom how much you care by choosing what color of paper

And what images go into it. If your mom loves music or has a favorite band, put some tickets to their next concert in there for her.


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