8 Gorgeous DIY Jewelry Ideas That Anyone Can Make

8 Gorgeous DIY Jewelry Ideas That Anyone Can Make


Do you have some old Coins that you don’t use anymore? You might think that there’s no way you can make anything out of them, but that’s actually not true!. 8 Gorgeous DIY Jewelry Ideas That Anyone Can Make


If you follow our instructions, your old coin will become a beautiful accessory. That will always remind you of the trip to Rome that your parents took when they were younger.


Read this article to learn how to restore and use your old coins as gorgeous jewelry pieces!


8 Gorgeous DIY Jewelry Ideas


1) Old Coin Pendant

All you need is an old coin and a pair of pliers. Then get to work! All you have to do is gently and carefully remove as much of some of its surface design.


As possible while leaving as much detail intact. particularly in areas that will be visible. You don’t want to ruin it or leave any part of it pitted or uneven.


Once you’ve stripped away all but two or three layers. Give it a quick sanding with fine. -Grit sandpaper so that it looks new again and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on your neckline.



2) The Cord Bracelet

Using a thin coin, like an old US penny, start by cutting a length of cord (any kind will do) that’s roughly 15 inches long. Wrap it around your wrist and tie a knot, leaving enough cord on either side to drape over each side of your hand.


Cut off any excess. Now take your coin and place it in the middle of one length of cord. Tie another knot at the top so that it looks like a bow. Then slide it up over your wrist onto either side of your hand.


You may need to adjust how tightly you made that first bow depending on how big or small you are. Slide it up as far as you want and then cut off any excess from below where you tied that second knot…and voila!



3) Cable Chain Pendant

In addition to gold and silver. There are other precious metals that make for wonderful jewelry pieces. Such as copper and brass. These metals may have a darker or more matte look.


Then pure gold or silver, but they’re still beautiful and worth using. For example. If you have an old copper cable chain lying around your house (or maybe even a necklace with a broken clasp).


You can easily turn it into a pendant. Just unscrew one of its links. and use some basic wire-wrapping skills to create a stylish. and an interesting piece that will give any outfit an artistic touch.



4) Acorn Pendant



All you need to make an acorn pendant is a large acorn, some glue and paint, and something to hang it on.


This necklace would look great with any fall wardrobe and cost virtually nothing to make.


Just be sure not to wear it near your picnic basket of acorns (wouldn’t want them fighting over it). (h/t Instructables)



5) Copper Disc Locket

If you have a spare coin, some aluminum foil, and an old locket you don’t need it anymore. Then you can use these materials to make your own copper disc locket.


Clean off both sides of your coin with a polishing cloth. Remove any dirt using household chemicals. Cut out two circles of aluminum foil:


One slightly larger than your coin; another that will just cover it. Coat your hands in Vaseline. Then gently place your cleaned-off coin on top of the larger circle of foil; gently press so that it sticks to it. Then put both circles inside an old locket and voila!


You now have a beautiful vintage-looking locket you can wear. around your neck on special occasions. Copper is also thought to protect from negative energy!


6) Earrings made out of coins

How to clean coins. In order to make a pair of original earrings from old coins, you need to know how to clean your coins correctly. Use an abrasive cleaner and very soft cloths and swabs.


If you don’t do it carefully, you can ruin your jewelry instead of making it more valuable. Watch our video guide on how to do it right. It is also important to have in mind that cleaning may not be enough for some coins.


To restore them completely, you should use paints and other means. The most popular ones are gold leafing. electroplating or patina solution (if you want something darker). However, if your coin is too dirty or damaged for such methods.


There is nothing left but painting over it with acrylic paint. Take care not to use any glossy paints because they will look unnatural when used on metal surfaces! And then add some gemstones or beads for extra glamour!



7) Paper Clip Bracelet

Don’t throw out your old paper clips just yet. While you can use them for their intended purpose. They also make great jewelry-making supplies. For example, take a few paper clips and attach them to each other using another wire or string. —this is all it takes to create a gorgeous wire bracelet.


Other options include using wire beads (they come in many different colors) or even real beads. Just clip them on with your paper clips, wrap a string around them and enjoy!


8) Key Necklace Hacks


1. Old Keys Become Great Hair Accessories: Old keys have another use. Other than unlocking your doors. They can also become amazing hair accessories.


Just clean them and place them around a bobby pin, so they remain attached to your head. While you’re busy working out or running errands.


As they are made of metal, they will help protect your hair from any harm caused. by your favorite gym equipment or environment.


2. Broken Chair Legs Turn Into Wearable Necklaces: If you have some broken chair legs at home. and would like to add a bit of originality to your look, then we suggest that you consider making a necklace out of them.


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