Amazing Benefits of Yoga in Your Daily Life

Amazing Benefits of Yoga in Your Daily Life


Yoga Benefits Chaos and sentimentality have made a lot of room in our lives. Women, children, adults. Not only the elderly but also the young men seem to be suffering from emotional turmoil. We should take some moments of this life for ourselves and make our best conditions. Amazing Benefits of Yoga in Your Daily Life


Yoga is an exercise that lasts a short time and is useful for the physical development of people of all ages. Without a machine, this particular type of exercise style is called a seat. Yoga exercises also give real peace of mind by getting rid of many medicines


Yoga Benefits – in Your Daily Life

At the beginning of the exercise. The mind is tempted to distance itself from negative thoughts and long wide scars. Draw on the floor or grass and take a few deep breaths. At this point, the position of your spine is very straight.


Should be Close your eyes It is better not to have strong sun or bright light on the sides. Take a deep breath and use both nostrils to improve their effectiveness. The speed of breathing and exhalation should be reduced. Exercise Relaxation is called Pose.


Filling air in the lungs, spreading the ladder. And shrinking removes the disconnection of. The breath Exercising five to ten seconds a day will also strengthen the straps


let’s go….! Learn to get rid of worries and pain through yoga
The first thing is how can the seat and dismissal be made comfortable and comfortable.


There will be a comfortable seat in your house, a light ass of carpet, foam, or cotton. Lay down the clothes or blankets and place them against your feet


Lift the two cushions that are placed on the right and left-hand sides of the sofa. Place one under the back and the other under the head, and spread your legs over quilts or blankets. Shave your eyes and lie down.


Hands-on the cushion used for meat Make room for. but, to be sure that the elbows on the floor miss the carpet or mattress. ie found this point, the telephone receiver should be removed. The cell phone should be turned off and the body machinery will be recharged.

if the cloth or dupatta is covered on the eyes and the eyes are closed for a while only and only if it is rested


Everyone knows that oxygen is very important for life. There is no greater blessing. Then oxygen to maintain the relationship between the soul and the body. Man’s death is not the name of closing the heart.


Man does not die until the brain dies, the brain does not die until it receives oxygen. If for some reason the supply of oxygen from outside to the brain is cut off. It will spend a little bit from the reservoir. Stays but If there is no oxygen storage in the brain, the end is obviously nothing but death nature has arranged.


Our lungs are in such a way that all the blood of the body goes back to the lungs. in three minutes with oxygen as if after only three minutes the blood is present to get back oxygen.


Now if there is less oxygen in the lungs, the brain will also get less. and the various organs of the body will also suffer from degeneration. When we exhale, about 12% is left after the oxygen is consumed.


The rest is carbon dioxide. Is Which is obtained in the form of waste from blood Yoga experts. Have invented various breathing exercises to get as much oxygen into our blood. As possible and to store it in the body.Yoga Benefits


Simple breathing exercises are very useful. People who want to get rid of mental illness and avoid insomnia


Lean the head of the two-floor cushion against the knitted wall. Place one blanket behind. The folding knees and the other ankle under the legs. And two thick sheets or blankets under the arms to touch the elbows.


This semi-convex seat is called the Half Lotus Pose. The spine and neck are semi-delighted in an alignment. If possible, place a cotton cup in the ears. Remove the cell phone and receiver so that the external noise does not turn.


Now breathe slowly Pull out. When the entire lung is filled with air,

Hold your breath until you can easily stop. When it becomes more difficult to stop.

slowly removed his wind in one cycle now completed eleven cycles like this


When breathing, imagine that energy and health waves are being absorbed into the body. And exhale, so think that all kinds of envelopes, dehydrations, misfortunes. And diseases are coming out of the body with breathing.


This exercise is during the blood. Will speed up. Brain abilities Will rise even in negative emotions and forgetfulness.


Another Yoga Practice


This yoga practice is not entirely related to the serving style seat Sarvangasana. But to those who are becoming restlessly obese. whose Thai ride gland performance began to be affected. Liver, turmeric. Has a strong effect on the intestines this simple exercise at home. lie down under a pillow on the carpet or floor and lean against. The walls and leave both arms loose to the right and left in a relaxed state


Lift the hips ten to twelve times from the floor. Cover the eyes with a soft towel. Breathe in and out for a period of one or two minutes

By performing this asana head, as the blood in the legs. etc. reaches the head, the upper parts of the body are completely irrigated with blood.


This type of seat often causes skin diseases such as scar spots, fissures, and wrinkles. Are eliminated, It brings a natural charm to the faceThe vision is better. The teeth are stronger. Often the snooze faces are more attractive than the white faces.


This is the balanced growth of charismatic hormones. Extend the time of this seat every week to five seconds until it reaches one hundred and twenty seconds




Pregnant women, blood pressure patients, or people with glaucoma. And heart disease should not exercise. Yoga exercise is not a magic lamp anyway that you can get imaginary results by rubbing. These exercises are supervised by a specialist yoga teacher as well as Your doctor Do it with advice.


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