How to Make a Cute Bird Water Feeder

How to Make a Cute Bird Water Feeder



If you’re in the market for a cute bird water feeder that won’t take much time or money to make, you’ve come to the right place! I know that when I look at this plastic bottle bird feeder, I can’t help but smile because it looks so adorable! How to Make Bird Water Feeder


The best part? It didn’t cost me much to make, and the materials are pretty simple! Read on to learn how to make your own easy-to-make bird water feeder. so you can keep those thirsty birds happy this summer!


A plastic water bottle

In case you don’t know what type of plastic water bottle I am talking about. about; it is one like you use to carry water around with you. Most likely, you have seen people carrying around these bottles.


When they are going for a jog or simply out and about. I suggest that you get one of these, as we will be using it in order to make our bird feeder project come together nicely. Just remember not to drink from it any longer!


A pair of scissors

To make a bird water feeder out of an empty water bottle, you’ll need scissors and an empty plastic water bottle.


First, trim about 1/4-inch off one end of your empty water bottle using your scissors.


Next, use your scissors snips to cut holes into each end of your water bottle (but not too close to either end). Now, fill both sides of your new feeder with seeds.


A hot glue gun

Glue gun in hand, assemble your bird’s water feeder by twisting off bottle caps. and securing them to either end of an empty plastic water bottle.


One cap should sit inside, upside down, and another sits on top as an entry point for birds. (I opted for purple caps over white.)


Then you have to fill it with water. place your new feeder outside on a fence or in some other part of your garden where it can be easily spotted.


A screw

Take a screw and place it into one of these cupcake holders. And then you can use these for your bird water feeders.


What you’re going to want to do is take some thread, and tie it around one end. and then dangle that thread into an empty glass bottle.


This will serve as your water reservoir because as gravity pulls down on it, water will leak out into the bottle. Once you have that done, all you need is some suet or seed, and hang from there!


A plastic dish

When we think of plastic dish racks, we usually think of them as being unattractive.
However, if you are looking for a new way to organize your kitchen. check out.
These are DIY ideas for making a cute bird water feeder.
You can make these with things you already have around your house and will never want to get rid of it!
Check out what’s included in these tutorials below


A small drill bit

Drilling an extra hole in your water bottle will make it.


Easier for birds (and other critters) to hang onto when they want a drink.


Drill two holes, evenly spaced out from each other, at opposite ends of your water bottle.


If you’re worried about drilling into plastic and tearing it, drill slowly and start off with small bits.



A piece of wood

I also had some scrap plywood, so I just used that as my base. You can use any non-porous material though. All you need is to drill holes into it and you’re good to go!


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