How to Make Simple And Cute Paper Bookmarks

How to Make Simple And Cute Paper Bookmarks


Love to read? Here’s how to make simple and cute paper bookmarks. How to Make Simple And Cute Paper Bookmarks


This DIY project is both fun and easy to do,


So you can start making your paper bookmarks as soon as possible!


No scissors or glue are required!


Wiki-Pedia  Paper Bookmarks


Gather your supplies


You’ll need some colorful paper and cardstock,


A pair of scissors or a craft knife, and double-sided tape.


You can also personalize your bookmarks by printing out special messages


Or using images to make them more meaningful.


While you’re at it, print out some Buys my book! stickers for your public appearances.


Fold the bookmark


The first step is folding your bookmark.


All you need is a sheet of paper and an optional pair of scissors or paper cutter.


We’ll be using standard 8-1/2 x 11 paper;


If you want larger bookmarks,


Feel free to use anything larger,


But they will take longer to fold and might not fit into books as well.


Measure in 1-inch from both sides on all four sides and score a line with either your scissors or paper cutter.


Decorate it with stickers, paint, or crayons


The type of paper you use for your bookmark is important.


You don’t want a heavy piece of cardstock because it will be too thick and might not fit in your book.


Thin, lightweight papers are better. After you’ve determined what kind of paper you want,


Cut it out into a bookmark shape.


Next, decorate it with stickers, paint, or crayons as desired.


Remember that all designs must be created on your own


And no copyrighted images should be used on your finished product!


Write something inspirational


Everyone loves paper bookmarks! In addition to the fact that they are straightforward and charming,


But they’re a wonderful gift or memento.


They can also be used as a bookmark for any book or journal,


So don’t hesitate to pick up your favorite scrapbooking paper


And get started on these fun and easy paper bookmarks!


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