How to Use Vitamins and Get Rid of Diseases

How to Use Vitamins and Get Rid of Diseases


The Human body is a very sophisticated type of machine, it requires many elements to keep it flowing. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals are more important in them. Another seemingly insignificant thing is actually needed to improve the performance of the body machine, and that is vitamins.

Vitamins not only help improve our health but also help to grow and repair tissues in the body Are responsibleRefreshment of the skin, sharpness of sight, the strength of bones, and good teeth are also guaranteed. How to Use Vitamins and Get Rid of Diseases


Let’s say they do the job of maintaining internal and external health and beauty


Vitamins play an important role in making the energy from daily food a component


Each vitamin has a separate function. Most of these names are based on their discovery


For example, the first vitamin discovered in 1911 is called vitamin A. So far a total of thirteen vitamins have been discovered which have been further subdivided into more groups.

These are two large groups. One group is the one that dissolves in water while the other group in grease The solution is. All vitamins dissolved in water are included in the B and C groups vitamins are not stored in the body and are excreted



That is why foods or fruits that contain vitamins C and B should be an integral part of the daily diet so that the daily needs of the body are met.



The second group of vitamins that are soluble in fat is vitamins A, D, E and K. A diet containing these vitamins is enough for the body even once a week. The vita-mins that dissolve in fat are especially strong. But still, light them Freezing may affect, however, these traders persist



The question arises as to how many vitamins the human body needs daily

The need for vitamins may vary from age to age, gender, and profession. For example, runaway children and pregnant or breastfeeding women need more vitamins. Also, people or the elderly return to health after illness People also need more vitaminsPeople’s lifestyles also affect the number of vitamins.

People who smoke or use drugs should take special care that their diet is rich in vitamins, because of alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, and many other medicines. Chemicals in other medicines affect vitamins AreFruits and vegetables are a great way to get vitamins, but care is also needed to get the most out of them



For example, as far as possible, they should be washed and eaten thoroughly and the fruits that need to be peeled off should also be peeled in such a way that the very bottom of the peel is not lost because most vitamins are in the same place



Vegetables and fruits should be eaten within a few days of being removed from the trees. Having more days keeps the number of vitamins inside them low every day



Vegetables should not be soaked in water for long. Thus the vitamins dissolved in water will be lost in the water. It should be done to cut the vegetable and add the same water to the cooking. Also used So that the vitamins that have been added to the water are also included in the food.

Similarly, rice or lentils should be used for cooking if it is soaked in water if the vegetables are to be boiled, boil them in boiling water for only a few minutes, so that their vitamins can remain intact and then use this water either while cooking or by cooling and drinking. There is also an easy way to get vitamins in the cabbage in the vegetables dissolve in the air so it should not be cut in advance but cut when cooked or used in salads



Cover the chopped cabbage and keep the handy lid closed while cooking. Similarly, other vegetable peels, according to their importance, should be cooked in the finest incandescent and water for a short time so that their nutrition is maintained as much as possible. The value of raw vegetables Eat salads as much as possible, it is a cheap and easy way to get vitamins



Vita-mins are closely related to our health and well-being

They are like a motor spark, which keeps the motor flowing by helping the gasoline burn. If it does not become a spark, the petrol will not catch power and the motor will not be able to run. Cutting food to achieve From cooking and eating, the whole thing should be done carefully and carefully.


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