Important Measures and Prescriptions for Early Disease Prevention

Important Measures and Prescriptions for early disease prevention


In several early Diseases, in addition to numerous fruits and vegetables, the utilization of kalonji, molasses, lumpy leaves, etc. is useful. Below area unit some helpful tips in this regard. Important Measures and Prescriptions for Early Disease Prevention

Half a teaspoon of kalonji, a teaspoon mixed with vegetable oil, take a shower in the morning, it is shielded from several fast diseases and therefore the} color of the face also turns pink

Fifty grams of kalonji, grind a pasta shell at an identical weight and blend it in a hundred grams of honey. Store this mixture in a jar.


Use a teaspoon daily when feeding a shower in the morning and in the afternoon, within the evening, it’s employed in several early diseases. I’m helpful


Add a pinch of ginger to juice, and drink it before feeding, it’s helpful in several fast diseases


Important Measures and Prescriptions for Early Disease Prevention

Solve eight tablespoons of rose juice, and four tablespoons of juice mixed with four tablespoons of glycerol. it’s helpful to use this mixture on the face in the morning and evening. Grind a bit of lamb in juice and dissolve it. Filling the mixture within the bottle and applying it to the gourd place is helpful. In the morning, take 0.5 cups of lemon or malt juice with a glass of sugarcane juice. it’s helpful in several early diseases caused by blood disorders


Drinking a glass of juice daily advantages the infection and protects against the rash. it’s conjointly helpful to drink a tablespoon of honey during a glass of juice


Two-digit Maltese daily morning and evening meals will shield against many varieties of allergies. Frequent Maltese meals conjointly take away stains from the face. Grind the malt peels and blend them in 0.5 a cup of milk and create a paste.


Apply it on the face. Soak the grains of seven numbers in a glass of water in the dead of night. combine it with the morning water, drinking it with a shower is additionally healing for several fast diseases


If the face has become ugly thanks to nails, acne, and wrinkles, take away cucumber juice and blend it with weighted juice. Fill the answer within the bottle


It is helpful to clean it 3 to fourfold every day for 5 minutes on the face and many days with plain



Mix 3 teaspoons of honey with a tablespoon of crushed cinnamon. Apply it on nail skin problems and stains before attending to bed in the dead of night. stand up in the morning and wash your face with semi-heated water.


Important Measures and Prescriptions for Early Disease Prevention


This prescription ought to be used for many days

Mix crushed melon seeds up to a teaspoon during a banana lap and massage on the face
Apply this mixture 3 times every day for many days, it’s helpful to get rid of nails, acne, and ugly stains from the face


Strip a squash, grind it, and crush the juice. combine a teaspoon of honey in it and apply it to the face


Grind the sweet peel and blend it on the face. Wash the face with plain water when 10 minutes, it’s aforementioned to be helpful for grains, nail acne, and wrinkles on the face


Break the mango bale and grind its brain. Grind 2 pairs of jump bales in it and blend them with very little water. Apply it on the face and massage, helpful for nails, acne, and wrinkles


Mix 0.5 a tablespoon of vinegar in 0.5 a pound of flour and create a leap, replace it with nails, acne, dad, gimbal, and disease of the skin doubly every day. many days are a coincidence.


Semi-leaf is helpful in rash diseases. Eat six or seven couples with the bathwater in the morning for many days. This relieves blood clots and may cause a range of rashes. Grind many leaves of the seed combine the equivalent of a teaspoon of juice with a rose and wash with cold water when many minutes, helpful for nail skin problems, stains, and sports place a couple of 0.5 leaves in a cubic decimeter of water, and boil them.


Once the water turns dark inexperienced, take it off and sift it and fill it with a bottle. Wash your face before attending to bed in the dead of night. If there’s flora or infection within the nails, then the oil of the 0.5 Massage many drops on the affected nails, God willing, it’ll be a decent factor during a few days place fifty grams of semi-leaves and its weight in fennel quandary, once the water cools down,



Early Disease Prevention

However identical quantity of white leaves in it and fill it within the bottle
After bathing daily, massage the body with this water, red or black spots on the body, heaters, and cutaneous sensation area unit mitigated


Soak fifty grams of mashed lentils in a glass of water in the dead of night, throw water in the morning and grind the lentils, apply this mixture on the face. Wash your face when 0.5 associate hour. Faces, wrinkles, and pimples can depart within many days


Eating twenty-one grains of grapes daily in the morning cleanses the blood

In skin diseases, pappa could be a terribly painful sickness, with spherical red spots showing on bound elements of the body, neck, and back, with little grains around them. they need severe cutaneous sensation. Ganda is alleged to be helpful in hardening this sickness.


Ganda leaves Soak it in water and grind it and create it comfy {to create|to form|to create} a leap placeBurn the foundation of the sag of Khurrafa and make it within the kind of a muscle by burning it with ashes, mix juice in it and applying it on the face, wash your face with soap or basin when the associate hour


Dry the face and apply copra oil. within the aforementioned method, God willing, the spots and wrinkles on the face can disappear in a few days


Mix a teaspoon of honey in crushed turmeric, 0.5 a cup of water, and a teaspoon of honey. Drink many days, it’s aforementioned to be helpful for begetter and Exuma


Abolishing a potato associated with crushing its items and putting it in a disease of skin place offers comfort to the patient


It is helpful to require out the juice of the squirrel and place it in the place of the disease of the skin for many days


It is helpful to get rid of the olive leaf juice and apply it to the affected elements of disease of the skin and pappa


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