Quick and Easy To Make Chicken Pasta Recipe

Quick and Easy To Make Chicken Pasta Recipe


Today I’m progressing to share a fast and simple Family formula that’s inferior and delicious. It’s good for the weeknights once you area unit trying to find a “quick” meal to serve the family. Quick and Easy To Make Chicken Pasta Recipe


Feeling hungry do this yummiest direction of tinny Chicken alimentary paste. it’s a standard dish that is extremely fashionable among folks.


This super tasty Chicken alimentary paste dish could be a warming direction to serve. The family with delicious bechamel sauce.


The aroma of cheese and sauce make it savory. This Chicken alimentary paste direction is healthy and delicious to the core. This dish doesn’t take a lot of time to induce prepare. it’s a really healthy dish. Get this direction in English and take a look at it obviously from Royal Lists



1)Boneless chicken [*fr1] metric weight unit

2)Pasta one Packet

3)chicken cube one-piece grasp one

4)carrots two in spherical cutter

5)onion two in sq. form (as I told u in chicken vegetable)

6)cauliflower (Phil gobi) separate into tiny ones (boil it for five min)

7)salt n pepper as u like

8)Vinegar n soysos two tbsp

9)garlic paste one tsp



1)Maida 2tbsp

2)butter 2tbsp

3)milk two cup

4)1/4 cup cheese

5)salt n pepper [*fr1] tsp



Heat the oil add garlic paste stir close to lit brown, add chicken stir for five min….then add cauliflower,


Once two min add carrot n onion once three min add boil alimentary paste stir properly then add all the spices salt, pepper, vinegar, chicken cubes n therefore so ( simply keep in mind chicken cube is salty so careful abt salt…


After five min place this into the Associate in the Nursing open and large dish so u will simply place the white paste thereon…



Heat the butter add maida stir for two min ( as like banana) then slowly add milk and stir quickly,..add cheese in it…half salt n pepper…( agar guilties ban Jae to mix in blender) if it’s extremely thick add some additional milk and place this on dish…..


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