The Advantage of Vitamin C in Pregnancy: Importance and Side Effects

The Advantage of Vitamin C in Pregnancy: Importance and Side Effects


Vitamin C is very essential for the human physique as it helps the connective tissues and builds the immune system. Those people who do not consume ample meals in which Vitamin C is current might also suffer from terrible health.

Pregnant women are already in danger due to the fact their immune structures are suppressed using hormones and need collagen for the baby’s growth. Vitamin C then comes as a saving grace that helps to extend the immunity of pregnant women.


Why Vitamin C is Vital During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy will make many changes in women’s bodies and to deal with these modifications and provide electricity to developing babies, you need to make positive your infant getting precise strength and developing very well. You will intake prosperous meals with a lot of minerals and nutritional vitamins to supply satisfactory nourishment to your baby.


Vitamin C is very necessary during pregnancy. One of the vitamins is recognized as an ascorbic vitamin, this water-soluble diet will now not be produced via the physique and need to be used in a certain amount, we can get this from fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C will provide the advantage to make bigger the range of the immune system to even combat cancer.

  1. It will assist in fighting flu and bloodless viruses.
  2. It will minimize the danger of cataracts.
  3. The best position of diet C in pregnancy is to promote the development of collagen which is a predominant aspect of connective tissues. It additionally helps to develop the organs of the baby.
  4. It helps to amplify the procedure of wound healing.
  5. It helps to enhance the deficiency of iron and different particles from food.
  6. It will assist limit the probability of E.coli and help with UTI cure at home.

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How Does an Awful Lot of Diet C Require to be Intake at Some Stage in Pregnancy?

Vitamin C intake is very important for the body. According to one survey via the National Institutes of Health (NIH), one woman wishes 65-75 milligrams of Vitamin C daily, in pregnancy, it is very essential to consume about 80-85 milligrams per day. it will enlarge by way of 115-120 milligrams for breastfeeding mothers.


Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency

Slow or delayed wound recovery and bleeding gum or swollen are the two most important symptoms to indicate a deficiency of Vitamin C. Besides this, other predominant signs of ascorbic acid are deficiency in Inflamed joints and a weak immune system. Rarely, Vitamin C deficiency motives scurvy.


The Fantastic Supply of Food for Vitamin C


  • Vegetables: Some vegetable with Vitamin C is Cabbage, Sweet potato, cauliflower, pepper (yellow, red, and green), tomato
  • Fruits: Some fruits with Vitamin C are lemons, oranges, berries, apples, apricots, persimmons, peaches, and mango. You can consume it at once or devour it as juice.
  • Animal Sources: Milk, Meat, and Fish have a massive amount of ascorbic acid content. Lamb liver/heart (11-12mg/100g), Human milk (4mg/100g), and cow milk (2mg/100g).
  • Briar: Tea is a very top supply of Vitamin C.
  • Green leaves: Parsley is the very best supply of Vitamin C.


Are Vitamin C Supplements Protected at Some Stage in Pregnancy?

If we will Consumption of Vitamin C with each day’s food in a well-balanced food regimen is a very satisfactory way and is sufficient to meet the required needs. Some studies have proven that if we will take an excessive quantity of diet C it can make bigger the hazard of premature birth. So it is very necessary to talk about it with a health practitioner before taking any supplements.


The Aspect Impact of High Doses of Vitamin C

Since Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, it can dissolve in our physique and will not save for a long time. Still, it is important to maintain in thinking no longer to consumption excessive dosages (>2000 mg). Here are a few results of Vitamin C if we will take overdose throughout pregnancy:

  • Kidney Stones
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal Cramps
  • Risk of excessive blood stress in mother


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