These Are The 8 Most Expensive Teas In The World

These Are The 8 Most Expensive Teas In The World


These Are The 8 Most Expensive Teas In The World
These Are The 8 Most Expensive Teas In The World


Tea is one of the most famous drinks in the world, with a lengthy history and a rich culture. But did you know that some teas can cost heaps of dollars per kilogram? In this article, we will introduce you to the eight most high-priced teas in the world, and explain why they are so valuable.



These Are The 8 Most Expensive Teas In The World


8. Silver Tips Imperial Tea – $400 per kg

This tea is produced via the Makaibari Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India. It is made from the buds of the tea plant, which are plucked solely on full moon nights in June.

The buds are then dried beneath the moonlight, giving them a silvery appearance and a refined flavor. This tea is said to have healing Homes and a calming effect.


7. Gyokuro Tea – $650 per kg

Gyokuro is a kind of inexperienced tea from Japan, which is regarded to be one of the best and most costly teas in the country. It is grown beneath shade for about three weeks before harvesting, which reduces photosynthesis and increases the chlorophyll and amino acid content. This effects in a tea with a sweet, umami style and a deep green color.


6. Tieguanyin Tea – $1,500 per kg

Tieguanyin is a type of oolong tea from China, named after the Goddess of Mercy. It is produced in the Anxi County of Fujian Province, where it undergoes a complex technique of withering, rolling, oxidizing, and roasting. The tea has a floral aroma and a smooth, mellow flavor. It is also believed to have health advantages such as lowering LDL cholesterol and blood pressure.


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5. Yellow Gold Tea Buds – $3,000 per kg

This tea is made from the buds of the tea plant, which are coated with 24-karat gold flakes. It is produced using the TWG Tea Company in Singapore and is only offered in limited quantities at some point during the Chinese New Year. The gold flakes are edible and do not have an effect on the style of the tea, however, they add a touch of luxury and elegance.


4. Da Hong Pao Tea – $10,000 per kg

Da Hong Pao is a type of oolong tea from China, which skill “Big Red Robe”. It is grown in the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian Province, the place it is harvested from historical tea timber that is over 300 years old.

The tea has a rich, complex flavor and a long-lasting aftertaste. It is also stated to have medicinal residences such as curing digestive issues and boosting metabolism.


3. Panda Dung Tea – $70,000 per kg

This tea is made from inexperienced tea leaves that are fertilized with panda dung. It is produced by using An Yanshi, a Chinese entrepreneur and professor,

Who claims that panda dung is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that can benefit human health. The tea has a nutty taste and a sweet aroma. It is additionally one of the most eco-friendly teas in the world, as pandas only digest about 30% of what they eat.


2. PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag – $15,000 per bag

This tea bag is made from pure white gold and encrusted with 280 diamonds. It was once created by PG Tips, a British tea brand, to have a good time on its seventy-fifth anniversary in 2005.

The tea bag includes Silver Tips Imperial Tea, which is one of the most pricey teas in the world. The tea bag was once auctioned for charity and bought by a nameless bidder.


1. Da-Hong Pao Tea – $1.2 million per kg

This tea is no longer to be burdened with the Da Hong Pao Tea mentioned earlier. This tea is made from the leaves of the authentic Da Hong Pao tea trees, which are over one thousand years historic and placed in the Wuyi Mountains of China.

There are solely six of these trees left in the world, and they are protected by using the government. The tea is extraordinarily uncommon and precious and has a legendary reputation.

It has a chic flavor and aroma that cannot be replicated through any other tea. The final time this tea was sold was in 2002 when 20 grams of it fetched $28,000.



Tea is more than simply a drink. It is a symbol of culture, history, and art. Some teas are so uncommon and treasured that they can value as plenty as a vehicle or a house.

These teas are not solely scrumptious however additionally have special testimonies and advantages at the back of them. Whether you are a tea connoisseur or a tea novice, we hope you enjoyed gaining knowledge of the eight most steeply-priced teas in the world.

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