Top Prettiest Towns in The United States

Top Prettiest Towns in The United States


The United States is home to some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Many of these unique towns are small. perfectly sized for their population, Top Prettiest Towns in The United States


or big enough to have everything you need


Here are the top 10 prettiest towns in the United States.


Needham, Massachusetts


Located just north of Boston, Needham is a beautiful town full of residents who love to stay active.


Whether you like running,


biking, golfing,


there are plenty of ways to fit an exercise routine into your daily schedule.


The downtown area has plenty of charming shops and restaurants,


and events including parades and festivals draw visitors throughout the year.


If you need some alone time after a busy day at work,


you can take advantage of Needham’s unique library system.


Delray Beach, Florida


This Palm Beach community is known for its pristine beaches,


golf courses, and boutique shopping.


Whether you’re hanging out on your private beach


or playing some of Florida’s best golf courses,


Delray Beach is a popular destination for retirees.


Located about an hour from Miami,


it’s close enough to enjoy big-city attractions


Albuquerque, New Mexico


Albuquerque is one of New Mexico’s most diverse cities,


and it makes sense that its natural beauty would reflect that.


Located just an hour’s drive from Santa Fe,


A city is known for its artistic culture,


Albuquerque features majestic mountains,


Breathtaking sunsets, and some of New Mexico’s best hiking trails.


Don’t miss out on a weekend trip to take in all that Albuquerque has to offer!


Santa Fe, New Mexico


While New Mexico is known for a lot of things,


Including death by chile pepper and Marilyn Manson,


It also has some stunning natural beauty.


One of its most beautiful cities is Santa Fe.


Here you’ll find one of America’s great Spanish-style compounds at The Palace of Governors,


As well as many examples of Pueblo architecture,


Such as Loretto Chapel and


San Estevan del Rey Mission Church.


Nampa, Idaho


Nampa is home to just over 83,000 people, many of whom enjoy living a rural lifestyle.


It’s a simple town that’s largely untouched by corporate America.


This quaint city keeps its residents grounded without requiring


them to sacrifice sophistication or culture.


Boise is just 30 minutes away, and Nampa residents have easy access to fine dining,


shopping, and entertainment venues like Knitting


Factory Concert House & Restaurant and


Idaho Botanical Garden.


Coral Gables, Florida


Coral Gables was founded on April 18, 1916, and incorporated as a city on March 31, 1925.


It is located immediately north of Miami and thus is part of Greater Miami.


It is known for its architecture,


particularly Spanish Revival and Mediterranean-style buildings designed by renowned architects


Such as Morris Lapidus and Eugene Fram.


St. Paul, Minnesota


Located along an idyllic stretch of the Mississippi River,


St. Paul’s natural beauty is rivaled only by


its impressive collection of historic buildings.


Many of these have been restored and converted into hotels, restaurants,


and shops to accommodate tourists who come to enjoy St. Paul’s blend of rural charm


and urban sophistication.


Most recently, it has attracted a new group of residents interested in


its world-class medical facilities. St.


Bainbridge Island, Washington


If you’re on a quest to find some of America’s most stunning scenic views, head over to Bainbridge Island,


located just across Puget Sound from Seattle.


It may be a small island but it’s also big on beauty—it boasts majestic old-growth forests, rolling hills,


and five sparkling saltwater lakes.


So no issue what time of year you visit,


you’ll have plenty of reasons to fall in love with Bainbridge Island.


Cape May Point, New Jersey


Located on a peninsula just north of Cape May City,


Cape May Point has managed to keep its rustic charm


while becoming more and more upscale.


With wide beaches that stretch all along the coast of New Jersey,


Residents can enjoy plenty of activities—whether they’re staying at home or heading out on a trip.


No issue how you expend your time here,


you’ll be glad to call Cape May Point home.


Monterey, California


Monterey is a perfect destination for those looking to take


their California dream trips to another level.


Monterey is not only one of the most beautiful towns in America,


it’s also pretty close to Santa Cruz


and Carmel-by-the-Sea.


With its colorful houses, great parks, and serene beaches,


Monterey was voted as one of America’s most picturesque small towns by Forbes magazine.


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