what is the best pet for a flat?

by Anfal Rauf
what is the best pet for a flat?


what is the best pet for a flat? Hey there, folks! So, you’ve just settled into your cozy little flat and you’re feeling that something—or someone—is missing. That’s right, we’re talking about a pet companion to share your space with. But before you rush out and adopt a Saint Bernard, you might want to consider what types of pets are best suited for apartment living. Let’s dive in and explore the options!

Criteria for Choosing a Pet for a Flat

When it comes to selecting the ideal pet for a flat, there’s more to it than you might think. So what should you consider?

Low Maintenance:

Trust me, the last thing you want is a pet that requires constant attention when you’re living in a small space.

Size Matters:

Unless you have a TARDIS for a flat, you’re gonna need a pet that’s comfortable in a smaller area.

Noise Level:

You also have to consider your neighbors, unless you want to be “that person” in the building.

Activity Requirements:

Just because you’re okay Netflix-binging all weekend, doesn’t mean your pet will be.

Allergies and Health Concerns:

Hate to break it to you, but allergies can be a deal-breaker. So, better safe than sorry!

Best Pets to Consider



Takes up little space

Zen-like watching experience

No walks in the rain needed


Not exactly cuddly

The ongoing cost of food and filters

Fish are the classic go-to for apartments. They’re like living artwork that you feed. Your landlord will also likely give you a thumbs up since there’s no fur to clean up.



Lots of personality

Can be trained to talk

Small cages fit anywhere


Some species can be loud

The mess under the cage

Birds can bring a lot of life to your living room without taking up much space. Choose wisely, though, because not all birds are apartment-friendly.



Independent as heck

Literally potty-trained

Will judge your Netflix choices


Not a fan of other cats

May try to climb curtains

Cats are a flat dweller’s dream. They pretty much look after themselves and are down for a good cuddle at the end of the day.

Small Rodents


They run on a wheel (no walks needed)

Kids love ’em

Can learn tricks


The hamster wheel at 2 a.m.

Short life expectancy

Hamsters, gerbils, and their rodent pals are adorable, cheap, and perfect for small flats. But remember, they’re mostly active at night.



They’re basically living dinosaurs

Low maintenance

Make for great conversation starters


Cold-blooded means you’ll need heat lamps

Not the cuddly type

If you’re into something less traditional, reptiles can be cool flat companions.

Pets to Avoid

Sorry, folks, not every pet is cut out for the high-rise life.


They need walks, a yard, and space to run.

Larger Birds:

Parrots might just squawk your neighbors into a rage.

Exotic Pets:

I mean, a tiger would be cool, but good luck getting that past your landlord.

Extra Tips for Keeping a Pet in a Flat

Use multi-functional furniture to save space

Noise-reducing toys and gadgets

Keep peace with neighbors by following communal rules


So there you have it—your complete guide to choosing the perfect pet for your flat! At the end of the day, the best pet for you is one that fits your lifestyle and your living situation. So go ahead, make that addition to your family. Just be sure to weigh all the factors we’ve talked about. Happy pet hunting!

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