Yoga Exercises For Beginners at Home

Yoga Exercises For Beginners at Home


When you’re just starting out with Yoga, it can be hard to even know where to begin. Here are some simple exercises that can help you build the foundation of your own home yoga practice. Yoga Exercises For Beginners at Home


Not only will these five exercises stretch and strengthen your body, but they’ll also calm your mind. allowing you to achieve mindfulness on demand without having to leave your home.


Yoga Exercises For Beginners at Home


Warm-Up & Stretch

Before starting your yoga exercises, it’s important to warm up and stretch. Any kind of exercise can be difficult. if you haven’t warmed up first, so start off with a 10-minute stretch to get your blood flowing. This is a great way to build flexibility, too!


You might want to focus on your hamstrings and hips. as well as your calves and feet. These tendons are often overlooked in more traditional stretches. That focus on arms and shoulders. After all, we use our legs to stand upright and move around every day.


It makes sense they would need some extra love! Consult a doctor before trying these yoga exercises for beginners at home.



Warrior I

Yoga exercises are always done on a mat with all your weight distributed across it. To get started, stand on your mat and step forward on one foot. Assuming a runner’s stance (legs wide, feet turned out), or simply place your feet hip-width apart.


Make sure that each foot is set flat on the ground. — Not turned in or out—with each heel directly under its respective knee. Press through both heels while aligning your head over your heart. Draw your shoulder blades down and back to open up your chest.


Reach arms long by sides, palms facing down. From here you can do several yoga exercises; try Warrior I today!


Warrior II

One of yoga’s basic standing poses. Warrior II not only helps you increase your flexibility and strengthen your legs. but it also improves body awareness. To try it, stand in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) with your feet spread apart.


Bring one hand up to chest level, palm facing inwards. The other hand rests on your waist, thumb parallel to your hipbone. Square your hips so they’re facing forward; turn them out as much as possible.


Then raise one leg and straighten it in front of you about two or three feet off the ground. (it should be perpendicular to both sides). Bring your torso towards that lifted leg. Until you feel a deep stretch through both sides of that thigh and groin area.


Triangle Pose

This is a simple and effective yoga exercise. Start by finding a solid surface, like a wall or tree, that you can press your back against. Your feet should be about hip-width apart and your knees bent so that you’re sitting on your sit bones.


This posture, also known as Virasana in Sanskrit, will help reduce pressure on your lower back. For added benefit, you can place a folded blanket underneath your knees. if they begin to ache or cause discomfort.


While practicing other yoga exercises or stretches. Then simply raise one hand above your head and bring it down to meet. The opposite hand resting on your leg below hip level. Repeat with both sides until all four limbs are outstretched.


Child’s Pose

You don’t have to be a seasoned yogi to enjoy yoga. Yoga is also a great exercise for complete beginners! One of our favorite exercises is the child’s pose, a simple pose that can be performed anywhere. A child’s pose feels great on tense muscles and helps boost blood flow.


Which allows your body to naturally release tension and stress. Sit on your heels with your legs straight out in front of you. Keep your hips low and flat on the floor (here’s a great visual).


Then extend your arms above you and let them drop down as far. As they need to so that you can rest your head comfortably in between them. Stay here for up to 1 minute, breathing deeply as you allow yourself time to relax completely.



Full Forward Bend

This yoga exercise builds flexibility and stretches your hamstrings. Start on your hands and knees with your shoulders in line with your wrists and hips in line with your knees.


Slowly drop to your belly. stretching out as much as you can without pushing yourself into discomfort. Put one foot forward, bending it so that it lines up directly beneath your knee. Keeping toes pointed toward the ceiling or sky.


Let your other leg extend behind you with a small bend to that knee so that both legs make an X shape from below. Stacking them one on top of another when you look down. Stretch as far forward as the toes of the front foot.


As feels comfortable without pushing yourself into discomfort bring your forehead toward it. the floor or mat if desired or gently rest your head in your hands (also on the floor) if so inclined.


Lunge Series

For a full introduction to yoga, it’s best to start off with these basic stretches. Lay on your back and take your feet off of the floor, bringing your heels as close to your pelvis as possible. Make sure that you feel a stretch along with your hamstrings. Hold for 20 seconds and release. Complete 10 times each leg.


Next, do a side lunge pose by stepping one foot out to one side into a lunge position. While keeping both legs straight and in line with your torso. Stretch both arms up toward the ceiling at eye level. letting either knee rest on or touch down onto any surface like a mat or towel (unless you want to). Repeat 10 times on each leg and increase repetitions. As you become more comfortable with them!


Seated Twists

This pose stretches your back, abdomen, and groin. It’s a good one to open up your entire spine and make you feel limber after sitting in front of a computer all day. Start seated with both legs extended straight out in front of you on your mat.


Slowly, bend your knees bringing them closer to one another. As you’re doing so, bring both arms behind you. interlace your fingers with one hand on top of the other or use a strap if that’s more comfortable for you.


Modified Bridge Series (play music in the background!)

Modified Bridge Series is a 20-minute workout video that starts. With five minutes of warming up and ends with five minutes of stretching.


The exercises in between are designed to strengthen your arms, back. legs and shoulders. Throughout Modified Bridge Series you will be practicing yoga poses. Such as down dog, chair pose, plank, and triangle pose. All you need is a yoga mat! Enjoy your workout! xo Adriene


Savasana (Relaxation Pose / Final Relaxation Pose / Shavasana)

Savasana, also known as Final Relaxation Pose or Shavasana in Sanskrit. is a restorative pose that helps you to feel more relaxed and recharged. While it may look simple and easy (it is!) some beginners have trouble getting into Savasana and finding a space of ease. Here are some tips to help you release tension, tap into your inner space, and truly relax in Savasana. Take a look!


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